Clean Hands admits that its complaint is based on “journalistic information” that could be false

Through a statement, signed by its secretary general, Miguel Bernad, Manos Limpias explains that the complaint against Begoña Gómez is based only on “journalistic information”. “It will be up to the investigating judge to check whether this information is true or not,” he says.

Following yesterday’s letter from the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish pseudo-trade union Manos Limpias issued a statement on Thursday in which it acknowledges that the complaint they filed against Begoña Gómez, wife of the Spanish president, is based “on journalistic information and only on the same”. According to the letter signed by the secretary general of the far-right organization, Miguel Bernad, “it will now be the investigating judge who will have to verify whether these journalistic reports are true or not.”

The complaint, for which the Court of Instruction number 41 of Madrid has opened proceedings against Gómez for alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption in business, includes eight headlines and news published by the media El ConfidencialVoz PopuliLibertad DigitalEsdiario and The Objetive. Despite this, the complaint for influence peddling and private corruption has been admitted for processing, under judicial secrecy and without a report from the Prosecutor’s Office. At the moment, two journalists have been summoned to testify.

The note, released mid-morning today, begins by explaining that “Manos Limpias became aware, through several digital newspapers, of a series of information that affirmed alleged irregularities, which could be allegedly criminal, in the behavior” of the Sanchez wife. “After observing that the Public Prosecutor’s Office was not acting,” Bernad adds, “I proceeded to inform the competent court of this information (…) in order to open proceedings and verify the veracity of the same”.

Next, Bernad acknowledges that the complaint has been based only on the news published in the aforementioned media. “I based the complaint that was presented on these journalistic reports, and only on them,” and he clarifies: “If they are not true, it will be those who published them, who will have to assume the falsehood.”

In the statement, the leader of Manos Limpias sees “unacceptable” Sánchez’s reaction to calling them an “ultra-right organization” and implying that they are part of “a right-wing campaign against him, which is false.”

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