Esperance issued a statement on its Facebook page, directing its fans about what happened with regard to the match tickets and the process of entering the Cairo International Stadium.

“The African Union has set 5 percent of tickets for the visiting team as a minimum that can be increased, in addition to 500 free tickets,” the statement said.

He added that “after the end of the first leg, and when the official delegation of Espérance Sportive de Tunis moved to Egypt, we were informed that the capacity of the Cairo stadium in the final is 50,000 spectators, and that the number allocated to supporters of Espérance Sportive Tunisienne is 2,500 tickets, or 5 percent.”

The statement continued: “For the number of 2,500 tickets, the governing body of Espérance Sportive Tunisienne purchased two thousand of them and obtained 500 free tickets within the framework of reciprocity, and it was impossible to allocate a window in the match stadium to sell these tickets, so that a committee of 10 people was quickly formed, and on Friday it made a field visit to the stadium in coordination with the security authorities to develop a way to distribute tickets to fans, while continuing requests and efforts to obtain an additional number of tickets.”