he Madrid Prosecutor’s Office asks for the filing of the complaint of Ayuso’s partner for not seeing a crime

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Alberto González Amador’s complaint against the Superior Prosecutor of Madrid and the prosecutor for economic crimes “is not important enough to initiate criminal proceedings.”

In the absence of evidence of a crime, the Madrid Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested the filing of the complaint filed by Alberto González Amador against the Superior Prosecutor of Madrid, Pilar Rodríguez, and the prosecutor for economic crimes Julián Salto for an alleged crime of revealing secrets.

The prosecutor presented this Friday in the High Court of Justice of Madrid the brief to which EFE has had access. In it, he has shown himself against the complaint, according to the criteria of the Board of Prosecutors of the Chamber. In fact, this commission endorsed the request of the Deputy Attorney General, María Ángeles Sánchez Conde, to archive the case.

In the brief, the Prosecutor’s Office argues that the press release that was published as the basis of the complaint was limited to “providing truthful information to the public in response to the request for confirmation of the news published in the media” and that no data, facts or documents other than those already published in various media outlets were published. Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office considers that the complaint filed “is not of sufficient importance to initiate criminal proceedings.”

The opening of criminal proceedings (…) would imply the opening of a criminal investigation at all points of prospecting prohibited by our legal system,” he adds.

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