Mbappe fractured his nose during the opening match against Austria, but returned for the last match against Poland wearing a protective mask.

In the press conference ahead of the last-16 clash with Belgium, Mbappe said: “Playing with a mask is terrifying and boring, and once I can take it off I will do it immediately.”

He joked: “If the quarter-final tax is to break my nose again, I’ll sacrifice it again. It’s already broken and won’t break any longer.”

Mbappe explained that the mask limits his vision and causes him to sweat, but he is forced to use it for now.

He also revealed that he tried several masks before finding a suitable one. “It’s really annoying, but I just have to say thank you for the mask.”

Mbappe and company are preparing to face Belgium on Monday evening in Dusseldorf, in the round of 16 of Euro 2024.