Olympiacos: Alexis Kougias resigned from FC

In an announcement, criminal lawyer Alexis Kougias announced that he is resigning from the vice-presidency and the position of legal advisor of Olympiacos FC.

Alexis Kougias announced in an announcement that he resigned from the position of vice president of Olympiacos FC, but also from the duties of legal advisor of the red-and-whites.

It is recalled that Alexis Kougias assumed these duties six months ago, but as he clarifies in his announcement, he is obliged to resign for reasons related to his personal, legal and football dignity.

At the same time, he warmly thanked Evangelos Marinakis, with whom he now feels part of the same family and expressed confidence that Olympiacos will win the Europa Conference League in the final at the OPAP Arena, against Fiorentina.

The announcement in detail:

“As is well known, 6 months ago, when Olympiacos FC was in Tartarus, I accepted the invitation of Evangelos Marinakis to take over the position of legal advisor and Vice-President of Olympiacos FC.

After discussions with both Evangelos Marinakis and people close to Olympiacos FC, whom I appreciate, I accepted this invitation – challenge, because I had to deal with the fact that for the first time in 41 years I would not be the owner of a team and I would be a top but simple executive.

It should be noted that for this position I refused to receive even 1 euro, since my friendly relationship with Evangelos Marinakis was what dominated my choice combined with my pathological love for football, which love has always been above colors and collective support and I have always dreamed of a Greek football clean and free from the dirt of the dirty background. A backstage that culminated from 1996 onwards and for this reason I was the protagonist of every attempt to clean up Greek football.

In this short period of time that I adorned the Board of Directors of OLYMPIACOS FC with my presence, cosmogonic changes took place throughout the football department, resulting in the right decisions of Evangelos Marinakis and the expenditure by him of tens of millions of euros in combination with the presence in the football department of K.K. Darko Kovacevic and Christian Karembeu, but mainly the arrival of the “wise” coach Medilibar, to lead us even to claim the dream of winning a European Cup, while a few months ago OLYMPIACOS was losing with its hands down to Lamia.

Today, unfortunately, for reasons related to my personal, legal and football dignity, but also what my personality in general, my professional and social career and my independence in how I will express my views on issues that concern either my science means to Greek society, Whether society or Greek football, I am obliged to the value system, which I have stood for throughout these decades of my life, to resign from the positions I held in Olympiacos and which I honored selflessly in the best way.

I would like to thank with the warmest words Evangelos Marinakis, with whom our relationship is no longer only either professional or personal, but we are both members of the same family.

I want to express my love for Kostas Karapapas, Michalis Kountouris, Takis Agrafiotis and all the executives of Olympiacos, with whom we lived these 6 months unprecedented moments of football happiness, but unfortunately I am forced to resign, because above all it is the appreciation I want to have for myself in the next years of my life.

I am sure that we will win the European Cup and I regret that unfortunately I will no longer be in the dressing room to celebrate this dream together, as we have done in recent months for all our successes that have brought us to this point.

I would like to thank the millions of Olympiacos fans for the love and appreciation they showed me from the very first moment, despite the fact that I was never a member of their family, but I am sure that they too would have felt with what responsibility and with how much respect for the history of Olympiacos I selflessly served this sensitive position. which I have possessed until today in all these difficult moments that we all went through together, to achieve this result, which we achieved.

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