Volleyball. Saint-Nazaire, a first title of champion of France, “it’s complete happiness”

The SNVBA is the sporting feat of the weekend in volleyball. The Saint-Nazaire Volley Ball Atlantique won its first title of champion of France. It was this Sunday evening against the big favourite Tours in an unstoppable return match, the suspense was total until the end. We had to go all the way to the golden set to find out the outcome.

The city of Saint-Nazaire woke up in a very good mood on Monday morning with this masterful victory against Tours, the outgoing champion.

“It’s a great story for Saint-Nazaire, it’s true that people are super happy. It’s all positive in Saint-Nazaire,” says a tobacconist.

The weather is nice, people are happy and it makes a good image of Saint-Nazaire

A tobacconist in Saint-Nazaire

“This has been expected for several years. I’m sorry, I didn’t go as a spectator, but 4-5 years ago, I followed all the games. There, it’s complete happiness,” says a man from Nazaire.

Especially since the club, two years ago, was still in the second division. An unthinkable and unbelievable story, considering that the club finished seventh in the regular season.

This Monday afternoon at 5:30 p.m., the players have an appointment with their fans at the Pierre de Coubertin room in Saint-Nazaire. A moment full of emotions in perspective.

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