Bera Bera and Bidasoa, champions of the Euskal Kopa in 2024

Bera Bera beat Errotabarri 19-37 in the final, while Bidasoa beat Romo, 20-41. The two finals were played at the Miguel Ángel Blanco sports centre in Ermua, which had a great turnout.

Euskaraz irakuri: Bera Bera eta Bidasoa, 2024ko Euskal Kopako txapeldunak

NEWS (2)

  • Super Amara Bera Bera beats Valladolid in the first quarter-final duel (27-34)
  • Bidasoa eliminates Fundación Agustinos Alicante (28-32) and qualifies for the final phase of the Cup

Super Amara Bera Bera and Bidasoa Irun have been proclaimed champions of the Euskal Kopa 2024, this Wednesday, at the Miguel Ángel Blanco sports center, in Ermua. In the finals, which were played with a great atmosphere as a witness, Bera Bera beat Lauko Ermuko Errotabarri, 19-37, while Bidasoa beat BM Romo, 20-41.

In this way, Bera Bera has won the title by defeating Errotabarri clearly. Imanol Álvarez’s men dominated the scoreboard practically from the start of the final, and at half-time, with the score at 9-16, it looked like Euskal Kopa were going to go to the showcases of the San Sebastian club. In the second half, the team from Gipuzkoa was able to extend their lead, and, in short, Bera Bera won the title brilliantly, against a rival, Errotabarri, who, in front of their fans, emptied themselves and won an excellent runner-up finish.

On the other hand, Bidasoa has won unquestionably over Romo. The first minutes of the game were evenly matched, but Jacobo Cuétara’s men soon put the game on the scoreboard, and both teams went into the break with Bidasoa leading 13-21. The 0-10 run at the start of the second half was decisive in tipping the balance in favour of the Irundarra team, against Romo, brilliant runners-up.

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