Basque Team swimmer Iñigo Llopis, gold medallist in the 100m backstroke at the European Championships

The Gipuzkoan completed the distance in a time of 1:06.25. Israel’s Mark Malyar (1:07.57) was second and Ukraine’s Bohdan Hrynenko (1:08.87) third.

Euskaraz irakuri: Iñigo Llopis Basque Teameko igerilariak urrea irabazi du Europako Txapelketan, 100 metro bizkar eran

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  • Iñigo Llopis, world champion in the 4x100m medley
  • Iñigo Llopis, sixth in the 100-meter butterfly event at the World Adapted Swimming Championships
  • San Sebastian’s Iñigo Llopis, gold medalist at the World Adapted Swimming Championships

Basque Team swimmer Iñigo Llopis won gold on Monday in the 100-meter backstroke S8 (physical disability) at the European Championships held in Madeira. The Gipuzkoan turned the race around in the second half in the qualifying session of the 100 backstroke and won the head-to-head with the Ukrainian Bohdan Hrynenko to finish his heat in first position and be the fastest swimmer in the two qualifying heats disputed.

In the afternoon, Llopis gave a recital again to get hold of the most precious metal in his favorite event. He took the lead from the start, touching the wall with a time of 32.23 seconds, followed closely by the aforementioned Hrynenko (32.64 seconds) and ended up completing the second 50 meters with a total time of 1:06.25. Israel’s Mark Malyar (1:07.57) was second and Ukraine’s Bohdan Hrynenko (1:08.87) third.

This Tuesday, Iñigo Llopis will compete in the 100-meter butterfly; Nahia Zudaire, meanwhile, will face the 100-meter breaststroke.

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